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Tons of new cards for Yuga and his new rival!
Besides containing the many cards used by Yuga and his new rival, this booster release also contains cards used by other key characters from Future Card Buddyfight Ace!

Don't miss the SECRETs!
Similar to each booster release, each display is guaranteed with one SECRET pack! There is a total of three types of SECRET packs in this booster! Don't miss a single one!

A new attribute for Darkness Dragon World!
Switch up the way you play Darkness Dragon World, by exchanging a portion of your life, for your monsters to gain crushing abilities!

A new innovative [Ability] for Buddyfight!
This new ability will change the existing concept of Buddyfight! Use synergic cards from this product to greatly empower Trial Deck Vol.2, "New Rival Deck (TBA)"!

Primary World & Card Types
Primary Worlds: Dragon / Legend / Darkness Dragon / Dual Card
Total: 87 types
BR: 3 / SP: 4 / Secret: 15 / RRR: 8 / RR: 12 / R: 15 / U: 14 / C: 16

Product Specifications
5 cards in 1 pack
Each display guaranteed a SECRET Pack! Each display guaranteed one of each Ace Rare! Parallel foil versions of commons, uncommons and rares are randomly inserted.